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A web diary or blog exclusively for personal use, no one can read your entries and you are the only one that can add new, like a real diary. Written entirely in PHP using a MySQL database to save all the posts. It supports login, date/time stamps, themes through CSS, multilanguage and a Blogger-compatible API to post entries remotely using external applications. It's designed to be a lightweight web following all standards and for easy adding new custom themes or translatations to the user native language. It will have the ability to search through posts, add images to posts, calendar view and some more.


2004-09-20 - MyDay 0.1-alpha3 released (aka Ephyra)

2004-09-11 - MyDay 0.1-alpha2 released (aka Kelbegen)

2004-09-01 - MyDay 0.1-alpha1 released (aka Tell-Halaf)

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